Why Diamonds Are The Ideal Symbol Of Love And Commitment

Catrina P. Smith
Why are Diamonds the Ideal Symbol of Love & Relationship?

Why are diamonds considered a symbol of love? Diamond engagement rings have been a tradition ever since 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy. From that time on, diamonds have been used as center stone engagement rings. Here are some reasons why diamonds are the ideal symbol of love and commitment. 

Diamonds are Extraordinary

For each couple, their stories are unique just like each diamond. Diamonds may be cut to the same shape and size, but they are all unique and have their own beauty. Diamonds are formed for a long period of time, so each has a mark as they were formed uniquely. Diamonds may be polished, and they might look the same to the naked eye, but each has its birthmark and its own growth patterns. The uniqueness of the diamond is compared to the relationships of people, which are also unique. Each love story has its extraordinary twist. Using a diamond engagement ring can represent your unique love for your partner. 

Diamonds are Natural 

Diamonds were formed under the earth’s core 1 to 3 billion years ago. They are formed naturally and have to be mined to be able to take it out, that’s why they are pricey. The pressure they have gone through, explains its characteristic of being durable and pure. They are able to withstand extreme heat and pressure as they are made. Just like love and commitment, despite the challenges, couples stay together until they finally decide to settle. 

Diamonds are Valuable

Diamonds are valued according to their characteristics. They are one of the most luxurious gemstones in the world. Rare diamonds are expensive and are considered wealth because of their worth. Diamonds on engagement rings not only represent their worth but also the love that the man had for his girl. Diamonds may be expensive, but still, the man made an effort to be able to afford them and offered the woman the diamond engagement ring during his proposal. That engagement ring represents the love he has and that he values her a lot. 

Diamonds Never Fades 

Diamonds were loved by women decades ago and until now. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Some engagement rings are considered family heirlooms, and they are passed on from generation to generation. Instead of buying a new engagement ring, members of the family who want to propose will ask permission from their mom or grandmother to use their old engagement ring to be given to their future bride. Each engagement ring has its sentimental value and memories, in its passing it can make those memories come to life again. 

Diamonds Universal

Diamonds may be expensive, but with all the cuts, sizes, and designs you can choose from, making jewelry with diamonds in it can be flexible. For instance, diamond engagement ring prices vary and some can be affordable but can still be customized to fit the preferences you want. You can get less than the one-carat diamond ring and still impress your partner with it. The good thing about diamonds is they can match any setting. From simple to complicated, choose the design that you want, and your diamond will match it. 

What Does A Diamond Symbol Indicate?

Diamonds are strong, resilient, and enduring, just like people who are in love. They can go through any challenges as long as they can keep their relationship. In a relationship, there will be ups and downs, and there will not always be a bed of roses. As a couple, you will both be strong enough to overcome the struggles you will be facing. Just like a diamond, you should be strong enough to take the blow to come to perfection. Engagement is just the beginning of the journey towards becoming one as you plan for your marriage. Let that diamond on your engagement ring be a symbol to keep your relationship strong and unbreakable. 

Now that you know why diamonds are the ideal symbol of love and commitment, you can now plan properly on making that diamond engagement ring as special and as unique as your relationship with your partner. Make the value of your relationship equal to the worth of a diamond, priceless!

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