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COVID Emissions Data Shows Potential Impact of E.V. Transition

The Berkeley Environmental Air-quality & CO2 Network, known as BEACO2N, tracked a 25% decline in San Francisco Bay Area CO2 emissions during the pandemic. After traffic on the roads fell by 50%, the data suggests that a rapid transition to electric vehicles could quickly reduce emissions, Phys.org reports. But emissions are on the rise as more people return to work and driving. The innovation here is the someone measures CO2, said Ronald Cohen, a University of California professor and lead author of a new study about COVID emissions. His team figured out a way to replace $200,000 sensors with $8,000 models to make widespread tracking

Commercial authentic estate listings display shifting landscape in Wyomissing | Business Weekly

An uptick in professional assets listings such as restaurants and office structures in Wyomissing could lend the visual appearance that companies in the affluent group are struggling, most likely with concerns introduced on by the coronavirus.

But even though the landscape is in fact changing — appear no farther than the August sale of the Berkshire Mall — the huge greater part of residence listings are not a symptom of the pandemic, according to Michele Bare, Wyomissing’s zoning and code officer and financial improvement coordinator.

In reality, enthusiasm for improvement in the borough continues to be large inspite of the perception COVID-19 is hamstringing companies.

“Every thing I’m observing and in conversations I am obtaining with builders and genuine estate brokers, at least in the borough, the market place is trending up, not down,” Bare stated.

So why then are there extra properties for sale than typical?

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