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Project Veritas Proves (Yet Again) That CNN Is Nothing More Than Democratic Propaganda.

Project Veritas’ recent release of leaked recordings of CNN’s daily editorial board conference call meetings reveals the network to be anything but the “Most Trusted Name in News.” At least, if you’re not a rabid liberal and supporter of the Democratic Party or someone who believes the news should always reflect something approximating the truth. This treasure trove of liberal mainstream media behaving badly is evidence that CNN is not only assiduously and bitterly hostile to President Donald Trump; it is a left-wing propaganda mouthpiece that exists to the advance the policies and objectives of the Democratic Party in general—one that feverishly worked to elect Joe Biden as president in particular.

It is so hands-on, in fact, that Zucker tells the editorial staff what the news is going to be for the day and just how that news is going to be reported.

Over a period of months,