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2020 added urgency to Minnesota man’s idea to bring strangers together to run and talk

On Feb. 28 of 2020, J.C. Lippold looked at the front page of this newspaper and smiled. At the top was a banner that read, “Running Conversation” with a picture of he and his fellow runners jumping in the air. The story was about Lippold’s brainchild, which he called “5K Everyday Conversations.” The idea was simple: Strangers would meet up,… Read more →

ESI Group Gathered Industry Leaders in a World-wide Electronic Party to Talk about Transformation and Cross-Fertilization of Concepts Throughout Industries

PARIS–(Small business WIRE)–ESI Team (Paris:ESI), world-wide player in virtual prototyping computer software and products and services for industries, introduced its to start with international digital sequence of functions with leaders of numerous industries – ESI Are living. The aim: share encounters in digital transformation, across market sectors. Globalized opposition, shorter direct time, costs strain, stringent environmental rules, and the COVID-19… Read more →

CEO Gail Asper, Coal and Canary founder talk challenges facing female business leaders

Working women just might be the silent casualty of this pandemic. Increasing anxiety rates, maintaining a larger share of domestic duties and aspiring for professional accolades all factor into how COVID-19 is pushing women out of the workforce and down to the lowest levels in three decades, economists and sociologists have said. An even bigger economic picture shows some businesses are stuttering while others with “buy local”… Read more →