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Self-taught inventor sees liquid air storage thought make the major time

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Get the job done has commenced on a liquid air power storage web site in the northwest of England, with the crew guiding the challenge stating it will be one of the biggest strength storage systems in Europe.  

Highview Power’s 50 megawatt facility in Increased Manchester will harness technology that employs something named “air liquefaction.”

The method consists of a selection of actions: surplus or off peak electricity powers an air liquefier. This cleans, compresses then cools ambient air, turning it into a liquid at -196 degrees Celsius (all around -320 Fahrenheit). In accordance to the organization, this liquid air is “saved at small force and later on heated and expanded to push a turbine and generate power.” 

The technology currently being deployed by Highview Electric power stems from an idea produced by Peter Dearman, the brains behind the concept of a “liquid air