ATLANTA Darkish THEATER Undertaking as viewed by means of the lens of Michael Boatwright

Photographer Michael Boatwright captured the stark actuality of the consequences the pandemic has had on Atlanta’s theaters. Although area theaters have been equipped to come to be much more imaginative with their articles to endure, most residences continue being dark. To see Michael’s work on this undertaking, click on https://www.michaelboatright.com/exclusive-assignments/dim-properties-atlanta/digital-exhibition/

Notify me about your history and what led you to turn out to be a photographer?

Storytelling is my passion. In the course of my existence, I have constantly sought to investigate impressive techniques of telling the human tale by utilizing common and emerging electronic visible, audio and print systems and developing industrial procedures that enable magic to prosper. Most not long ago, I have been telling the tale of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Atlanta performing arts neighborhood via my Darkish Residences Atlanta Project, earning and publishing pictures of 33 of Atlanta’s darkish theaters.