Local businesses continue to support Rowan Sweeney Memorial Park project

Catrina P. Smith

Supporting local for Rowan Sweeney is what local businesses hope will happen

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – We continue to follow the fundraising efforts underway for Rowan Sweeney’s memorial park. Now, local businesses are getting involved, trying to help Rowan’s dad make his dream of building a park in his son’s honor a reality.

Supporting local for Rowan Sweeney is what local businesses hope will happen. Now that they’ve partnered with Rowan’s Memorial Park.

Jared and Mary-Kate Sliwinski with Youngstown and Poland Nutrition are helping out.

“With us being a small and local business and being from the area, it’s something really important to us,” said Jared Sliwinski.

On Saturday at Youngstown Nutrition, proceeds from their sales will go toward Rowan’s park.
A similar fundraiser at Poland Nutrition will do the same thing on Saturday, January 16.

“Anytime you see people doing amazing things like this and really making a difference, it’s really important to support them,” Sliwinski said.

Rowan’s dad, David Sweeney, says they’ve raised $60,000 for the park so far.

“Very, very generous, very grateful for them to get involved,” Sweeney said. “Everything is going right on schedule. I think we are doing great despite we’re in the middle of a pandemic.”

They’re narrowing in on the details of where the park will be.

“We are still open to land and, hopefully, very, very, soon we will have an answer to that,’ Sweeney said. “We want to give back to the people with this park. We want a place for kids to come and play, and a safe place for the community.”

Building a place where Rowan’s memory lives on. An idea that the Sliwinskis want to be part of.

“Just grateful for the opportunity to be able to give back in any way possible,” said Mary-Kate Sliwinski.

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