Lexington downtown will gain new retail store

Bobbie and Bradley Key recently leased the former The Olde Homestead building on Main Street in Lexington and will open their home interior and women's accessories store Bristle + Pine in March if everything goes as planned.

Bradley and Bobbie Crucial have been doing work on jobs together and encouraging just about every other’s creativity considering that the two satisfied when he accidentally still left his credit history card at her office in Asheboro about 5 several years ago.

Their most up-to-date task is opening a new home inside and women’s components retail store in downtown Lexington referred to as Bristle + Pine in the former The Olde Homestead store area on South Primary Road. Even the title of the retailer alludes to the partnership they have designed and the particular person talents they bring jointly for their new retail project.

“Bristle refers to the paintbrush, and that is me, the painter,” mentioned Bobbie. “The pine is him and the wooden he makes use of to establish furniture. It is really about what we both of those deliver to the table.”

Bradley, who is a mechanical designer at Energizer in Asheboro, makes use of primarily pine wood to make dining home and kitchen area tables, baker’s tables, kitchen islands and potting benches that the retail store will carry. Bobbie, a painter considering that she was a kid, paints on a range of surfaces, including vintage home furniture the pair buys, vintage window frames and far more.

Pictured is a piece of vintage furniture the Keys upcycled and an example of merchandise you will find in their new store opening soon. Bradley took off the old footings and added the metal hardware to the bottom of this three-drawer chest, while Bobbie painted the scene of the Wrightsville Beach pier.

Other than the paintings and home furnishings, Bristle + Pine will have a wide range of women’s add-ons and residence decor from Milkhouse Candle Co. candles, table decor, females purses and premium chalk paint.  Bobbie has already secured space artists to carry their handmade jewellery and wreaths, as very well.

The vintage country and French cottage style shop will be established up like the rooms in a dwelling to display merchandise.