Inadequately executed but well-known applications

Resource: Statista. Be aware: Doesn’t consist of 1.59m apps that are not rated (have fewer than 3 scores)

If you’re hunting for your upcoming organization notion, sometimes the finest area to appear is… at thoughts that are already validated.

Previously this month, Huszko Jozsef posted his pet project on Product or service Hunt. It’s termed Validated Thoughts, a list of 5k+ well-liked apps (100k+ downloads each) that have been poorly executed (ratings decrease than 3.2).

“Coming up with progressive strategies is challenging and time-consuming,” Huszko writes. “You really do not require to reinvent the wheel — just execute superior.”

Underneath we have summarized the 20 categories with the most downloads, which alongside one another account for ~90% of the complete databases.

We have sifted through thousands of these applications and pulled out some prospects value noticing. Below are 3 to get you began:

  • Acute Artwork: A 2.6-star-rated augmented reality art application with 100k+ downloads described by buyers as a “great app” but “super buggy.” Competing application Artivive also has 100k+ downloads and only 3.6 stars.
  • TalkingParents: A glitchy co-parenting app with 100k+ downloads and a 2.9-star score. A competitor with seemingly lousy UI design, coParenter, has 50k+ downloads and 3.5 stars.
  • Attract My Tale: An app that helps buyers create animated drawings, memes, shows, and tutorial video clips. The application has 100k+ downloads and only 2.7 stars. Just one consumer wrote, “I like the idea, but it still has way as well a lot of bugs.”

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