Eversource considers Worcester for renewable energy

A diagram of the geothermal network structure.

Imagine a future where you don’t need natural gas in and around your home … yes, that explosive substance where combustion is necessary for use, which decreases indoor air quality, which is associated with childhood asthma and other respiratory diseases, and suffocates trees as it leaks into the ground.

Well, that future may be closer than you think.

The fact that Worcester has had more than its fair share of gas leaks is not up for debate. Dominic Nicholas, director of Home Energy Efficiency Team or HEET, shared data extracted directly from the gas utility’s most recently available quarterly leak inventory reports (Q3 — ending Sept 2020) showing that the city had 498 leaks of which only 115 were repaired. That is far more than other towns in Worcester County — Leominster had 99, Southbridge had 53, Milford had 47, Shrewsbury had 38, Fitchburg had 4 and Gardner had 1.  While these towns are much smaller than Worcester, it is still an order of magnitude difference.