Electronic Health Records Software Integration

Catrina P. Smith

For companies that are trying to improve their patient care through the use of electronic health records, they must consider the benefits of integrating such records management applications. ehr integration has gained more popularity as time goes by. This is because of their capability to provide instant information on the current condition and the history of a disease or illness to the doctors and other healthcare experts in the same room. However, the major drawback of electronic health records has been the difficulty in their implementation and the compliance aspect that each hospital or health care center had to face.

Standardized Electronic Health Records Software

One of the main problems that most hospitals and healthcare centers encounter are the lack of a standardized electronic health records software integration system. This made it a challenge for both patients and doctors to exchange information about the state of their health and the procedures that should be done to bring a positive outcome. Another problem was the lack of technical expertise on the part of the staff that was dealing with the patient’s records and information. Since electronic health records software integration requires the usage of specific software that has been designed to meet certain standards, many physicians and hospital staff were hesitant to adapt to this technology.

Because of these reasons, it is important for institutions that use electronic health records software integration to have a well-designed system in place. It is also necessary for such software to integrate with electronic health records software applications and other electronic health records software that already exists. An example of such an application is the Medisoft Electronic Health Record Software.

Epic Electronic Health Record Software

The Epic Electronic Health Record Software offers a solid solution for integrating electronic health records. This electronic health records software application has been designed to allow one to transfer medical information and other details. It is simple to work with. First, all that one needs to do is install the software onto the computer that is linked to his or her practice’s server. Then, a unique user ID and password are given to the user. This user ID and passwords are what will allow the records management application to read the electronic health records that have been uploaded onto the system.

Stores all the records of the various patients

The electronic health records software is connected to a database that stores all the records of the various patients who are part of that particular clinic or hospital. One can access these records using his user ID and password. This would mean that there would be only one method for data entry since there will be only one set of records for every patient.

This electronic health records software application is capable of giving the physician the right data at the right point in time. It is also easy to update. For instance, a new study regarding a new medication or procedure will be reflected in just a few minutes. This will help the physician to keep track of any new studies that he or she has to refer to. Hence, electronic health records software is useful.

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