Dressing for the Office Is Confusing, So We Asked Stylists for Their Best Outfit Ideas

Work Outfits

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You have to admit, up until recently, claiming you had “nothing to wear” was a slightly dramatic declaration. Chances are, you had something to wear, you just didn’t feel like putting an outfit together. And that’s fine, no judgments here.

But then Covid happened, and the majority of us spent a solid two years and change in zoom meetings looking professional from the waist up and comfy from the waist down. Cue the world opening back up again, and now you really don’t have anything to wear, nor do you have the first clue how to ease back into dressing for the office. You know, the one that existed outside your home before March of 2020.

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If you’re just a person, standing in front of an open closet, asking yourself, “What do I wear to