8 Marketing Strategies for construction and real estate project

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Having in our hands a new construction real estate project makes us very excited, not only because of the magnitude of the business it represents but also because of the work it takes to promote it.

It may be that a few years ago we did not think about making a marketing plan for this type of project because the actions that helped us promote a property were based on offline advertising such as: flyers, advertisements in the press, television and radio, billboards, if applicable. sky marketing had a budget, and when online real estate portals began to appear, to advertise there.

Today we have a wide variety of tools, channels, platforms, techniques and especially experts in the sector that help us to promote the marketing of the homes we have for rent or sale , but also contribute to the name of our real estate is much more visible.

Marketing for a new construction project opens the door to a whole world of opportunities, even if it is a path that is traced thinking about our objectives and of course the interests of our potential clients, it presents us with options such as the following:

Content marketing

Content marketing is no longer just writing articles or making an infographic. Content marketing is more current than ever and Google is becoming more and more strict with the quality of the content we offer to users.

In addition to the written and graphic content binds strongly the content voice as podcasts , the video as I said before, streamings live , virtual reality , stories, shoppable post … all that content we can offer through networks social like LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

When a person thinks of buying a new house or apartment, he enters a phase of deep research on the pros and cons of the property. You are looking for information to help you make that important decision and for this, content marketing is a very good ally.

A well-focused marketing strategy will help us attract the customers we want , it is no longer about going to find potential customers but that they come to us through the content we offer them.

Therefore, as a real estate developer we must strive to generate content that is useful, that provides interesting and updated information. For example: you need to know details of the neighborhood or district in which the property is located, access roads, commercial establishments, as well as details of the home.

The client needs us to help him make the best decision and for that we can also provide him with the tools so that the choice he makes is the best one. Adding on our website mortgage simulators, aerial videos of the area where the properties are located as well as videos of them will be a plus .

Home Standing

For a long time, new construction properties have been put up for sale as they are finished, that is, empty, practically that clients had to imagine what it would be like to live there.

With Home Standing, real estate agencies have the opportunity to show their clients a property dressed for the gala, this means that we can surprise them with a decorated and conditioned floor , something like a model floor, in which our future clients They can see how it will look with decoration and furniture.

One of the advantages of home standing is that it is an effective sale option, since it is about adapting the decoration of a space for commercial use. It is still a natural way to sell the property because it goes from seeing it in the typical photo of the empty apartment to seeing it with all its decoration and appliances.

In this sense, the Home Standing allows to optimize the sale by itself , as a developer we will not have to make so much effort to show the client the characteristics of the property, but he will see it, getting an idea of the spaces, dimensions and distribution of it.

Finally, it will help us to position our name and brand , if we focus on quality, on presenting our future clients with a property that will seduce them with impeccable decoration, it will denote that we are a developer who cares about details and offering the best benefiting our reputation.

It also allows us to use it in video conferencing with customers who cannot scroll or use it in virtual reality tools.

The above are just two of a wide range of opportunities that real estate marketing offers to promote our new construction projects, where one of the keys is to have a team of professionals who implement an impeccable strategy.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours have become so powerful that 80% of people who search for a property online, before seeing the photographs, choose to click on the virtual tour as it is a way to get to know the property much more closely.

Within this option we find virtual tours in 3D. Stereoscopic recordings made with two cameras that simulate human sight and that have a much deeper vision allowing the user to live an immersive experience.


There are many ways to make a video to show a home, it all depends on the ingenuity of the creative. For example, aerial videos allow the user to locate and have a complete view of the environment. Also a video that shows the interior of the house as well as its functionalities or try with videos in 2D and 3D.

This leads us to think that it is necessary to implement a video calling system in our real estate strategy with which we can improve interaction with our clients and our level of productivity, even more so when we know that there are still many people who do not want to leave home or simply because communication and negotiation can be much faster and more effective .

Little by little companies are adapting to these tools that, although they existed, were not used as they are now, but to implement a system that works correctly it is necessary to take into account three factors.

I’ll stop for a bit to say that as a property developer or marketer we have a duty to provide the best experience to our future clients . For this reason, in the best of cases it is essential to go to professional experts in the implementation of a video calling system that adapts to our needs and that guarantees us: security, quality and flexibility.


European legislation requires that customer data be protected as much as possible, so this is one of the most important aspects when implementing a video call system.

Encrypted systems and the updating of devices to avoid security breaches will allow us to maintain good security levels when making video calls with our clients.


Quality in communication is essential when serving a client and in terms of quality we not only mean that there is no interference in the call, but also the professionalism that we can give it.

Regarding technical aspects, the equipment or devices that we have must support resolutions of 1080 HD / 4k, as well as monitor the quality of the audio and the platform used.

On the other hand, and with the purpose of positioning our services and brand, at Clinmoo we help agencies with the personalization of the video call environment, making the image and logo of the agency visible and creating up to 12 safe spaces in simultaneous rooms.


Flexibility is essential, we have to ensure that the video call system can be used on any device or platform.

It will allow our future clients to feel much more confidence and security, it will facilitate constant communication with the person who is interested in our services, since the commercial of our real estate agency will be able to show them live and direct each one of the spaces of the property , if we have a show floor, the materials and designs it has, as well as solving each and every one of the doubts that arise at that time.
Google Affinity

Impact the right person at the right time. Google has taken on the task of improving and empowering affinity audiences. To explain it in some way, what the Internet giant has done is to segment audiences of agreements with particular and shared interests or by the behavior that a user has when making a search or purchase on the Internet.

This means that to attract customers next year, in addition to working on keywords according to the segment we are targeting , in the real estate case it is very likely that we will have to segment the audience according to the area in which users want buy or rent the property, its vital moment, the type of housing or the nearby purchase intention.

Video nuggets

The video is here to stay. It is becoming more and more frequent and there are many more companies that promote and attract new customers through video. Of course, Real Estate cannot be the exception, as video marketing is becoming one of the main tools to sell a home.

As we have mentioned in previous texts, the photos that we can show of the property are no longer enough, but our future clients need to have a closer experience with what will be their next home.

Nuggets are short videos with titles and subtitles and powerful and useful content. It is being a revolution both on YouTube and on social networks due to the attractiveness they have. This type of video allows you to quickly capture the user’s attention and convert it from an anonymous person to a lead.

There are also many ways to do video marketing and it depends to a certain extent on the strategy that is proposed, since we can do from a very simple video, but technically well prepared, aerial videos, in 3D or videos with influencers.

Interaction with users is a key piece right now, especially when many are still at home teleworking or taking shelter. According to the latest statistics, Spaniards spend between 5 and 6 hours on the Internet , so why not take the opportunity to make our name visible and position our real estate services professionally through these types of channels.

At this point News Source cannot put virtual reality aside , which in the real estate sector is highly desired and is successful among people who want to buy a property. And it is that virtual reality allows the user to see the property up close, walk through each of its areas and feel as if they were there in person.

Branding, branding, branding

In times of crisis, people trust recognized brands with transparent values. And a good way to do it is by having a presence on social networks.

When we talk about having a presence on social media, we mean being active on the network we use. With Facebook at the helm, we must carefully review the strategy we want to follow on these platforms.

Sometimes we see that many companies forget to add content to their social networks, whatever the network is used, or as if they are all, we must try to follow a publication plan as much as possible, this will help us to create and maintain our public, but also to position our brand, maintain a direct relationship and attract new customers .


The telemarketing real estate is one of the techniques for capturing most popular and simple customers. This real estate acquisition process is more current than ever, especially now due to the mobility situation we have, but sometimes we do not know how to start it and how to make a good telephone strategy.

The so-called telephone marketing must be immersed in the marketing strategy that we want to implement because it will complement all those actions that we carry out, not only for recruitment but also for monitoring and loyalty.

One of the great benefits of this type of communication with our future or already clients is that it allows us to have a much closer and direct relationship with them . Real estate telemarketing is not about taking a database and starting to call without any objective.

As in the implementation of any marketing action, this requires planning, setting specific objectives and goals, then its implementation and review of results will come.

Virtual conferences

If the person interested in the property cannot go to see it, a virtual conference can be held to explain to the client the characteristics, conditions and comforts of the house, as well as show him the spaces of the house.

The client needs us to help him make the best decision and for that we can also provide him with the tools so that the choice he makes is the best one. Another way of marketing a new home is Home Standing or home staging.

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