when process eats away at culture

Peter Drucker tells us ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. In our experience, that’s a near hard-and-fast organisational rule.. But when we assess the current state of any marketing organisation, which is the first stage of most of our engagements, we often discover that there’s something else eating away at culture. […]

A Must-Have For Every Business

Catrina P. Smith

The idea of AI-enabled OCR software might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you know what it does and how it works, you’ll see that it’s the perfect solution for your business! What is OCR Software? OCR software is an AI-powered software that can recognize and extract text […]

Retail Media Networks: An Advertising Alternative

Catrina P. Smith

You’re No Longer Your Store’s Primary Customer… The Brands You Buy Are. As we continue looking at non-Facebook/Google advertising alternatives, an interesting trend has developed as retailers large and small have followed Amazon’s lead and launched their own Retail Media Networks. Retailers like Walmart and Dollar General, grocers like Kroger, […]